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Coralbits S.L.

Specialized embedded Linux software development.

At Coralbits we are specialized on custom solutions based on GNU/Linux that require web access, and its embedded in your product. This are the perfect solution to manage the embedded hardware, and thought our own Onion we can deliver lightweight solutions.

From applications that just give a file access on your hardware, to full control and monitor solutions, we can give that HTML5 interface that differentiates your product. An HTTP interface is the solution to almost all communication problems to embedded devices, and a well designed and performant solution is optimal.

Thanks to HTML5 technologies we are able to perform almost any kind of application with the advantage that it will be accesible from any device: personal computer with Linux, Windows or MacOSX, or you Iphone or Android phone, to name a few.

Some software made by us

  • libonion C Library to help development of embeded web servers
  • Onion Terminal Web based Unix Terminal.
  • botserver A web interface to manage the Aisoy1 bot.

Our blog is located at

If you want to contact us, send an email to